national seminar producing a professional entrepreneur to face cafta era

Post Date: June 21st 2010, 09:38:06

Masters of Management Studies of Narotama University once again get a go. The students implemented a national seminar entitled “Producing a Professional Entrepreneur to Face CAFTA Era” (Saturday, 19/6) at 7th floor of Narotama’s Tower. This event present several prominent speakers, such as Handaru Krisna Murti, SE (Executive Director of PUPUK Surabaya), H Sutan R.P Siregar (President of APRISINDO East Java Region), Drs. Hadi Mulyono, MM (Head of Koperasi & UMKM Towm Government of Surabaya) dan Bambang Kuncoro, S.Sos, MM (Section Head of Counseling and Information Service of Tax Service Office, Customs Department Tanjung Perak Region).

It appeared that the topic discussed was interesting, since for about 119 people were attending the seminar. Most participants said the seminar was beneficial to help them define the strategy in the free trade era. (A!)

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